The Broken Face

Review of original CDr version of 'Parsimònia'

I don’t know an awful lot about this UK trio but I do know that they’re capable of creating a subtle, droning sound that make you close your eyes and imagining the small dynamic shifts of a meandering river. Following the water downstream is an almost unreal experience as it provides a glimpse of an isolated landscape with thousands of tiny lights hovering just above the constantly changing riverbed. And in this great expanse you can see those lights live their own life before the beauty of the sunset on the far-off horizon completely takes over the show. All five pieces on this all too limited CD-R will have your imagination run wild and paint pictures of vast and eerie places.

Each tone is treated with astonishing grace and respect, carefully placed next to the last one and although things move glacially, Rameses III somehow maintains a distinctively organic aura. Listen to the gently droning sounds sink into the river, make sure to get that last glimpse of the wide horizon because before you know it, these washes of flowing ambience will dissolve into no longer visible particles. Fans of Stars of the Lid, Aarktica and The Dead Texan would make a grave mistake to walk this one by. Highly recommended.

Mats Gustaffsson
Wednesday 2 February 2005

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