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Rameses III
"Parsimònia (Deluxe)"

Album released Friday 11 November 2016 on digital by the Blink In The Endless label.

"Parsimònia (Deluxe)" cover

digital editions

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This is just a small selection of the digital editions available.


"like Brian Eno circa Discreet Music collaborating with John Renbourn"
The Unbroken Circle
"focuses on squeezing as much beauty out of a given setting as possible"
"one of the most vivid and inspired interpretations of an electro-acoustic universe"
music won't save you
"each tone is treated with astonishing grace and respect ... highly recommended"
The Broken Face
"an impressive disc"
A Decouvrir Absolument
"the buzz of steel strings muted and drawn out into simple shimmering ragas"
Aquarius Records
"sweet sweet swells of mystical and transcendental sound"
Aquarius Records
"drifting beauty that is almost unbearably gorgeous ... highly recommended"
Boa Melody
"each successive record offers something fresh"
Boa Melody
"these insular drones are highlighted by rich acoustic depths"
Eclipse Records
"one of the more cinematic guitar-drone discs I've heard in ages"
The Blog Without Qualities

mp3 - "When The Bombs Drop, Hold Me Close"


01 When The Bombs Drop, Hold Me Close
02 Three Ghosts (U.F.O.)
03 Parsimònia
04 You Don't Come Around
05 Oskorei
06 Before The Rains Fall (For Ed Cooke)
07 Matanuska
08 The Great Campaigner
09 Blood In The Palm Of Your Hand
10 Ashes
11 Queens Road Cemetery - 28th March 2005


A digital re-release of the long-deleted and rare folk / ambient / drone 'Parsimònia' EP (2004) along with the 'Matanuska' (2007) album.

With 'Parsimònia' and 'Matanuska' Rameses III finally jettisoned the traditional song format, almost every track becoming a semi-improvised but tightly edited loose swirl of sound. Often recording large sections together in a single take, the band made heavy use of bowed and EBow electric guitar, warped Mellotron, acoustic guitar, electronics and Tibetan singing bowl.


Rameses III are Spencer Grady, Stephen Lewis and Daniel Thomas Freeman.

Written, performed and produced by Rameses III.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Daniel Thomas Freeman.

Artwork by Stephen Lewis from a photo by Daniel Thomas Freeman.

Catalogue Number BE003RAM.

All content © Daniel Thomas Freeman 2011 - 2020 (except where otherwise marked)

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