A Decouvrir Absolument

Review of original CDr version of 'Parsimònia'

The English are known for their legendary calm. This applies well to Rameses III, the calm and the legend. If for the instant they aren't legendary except for their name, their music, magnificent, ethereal, made of drones, weightless, of chirping birds is an invitation to walk along the Cornouailles (Cornish, perhaps?) cliffs. Somewhere between nature and space, "Parsimonia" is a sombre disc, spring like, plural, where the group meets Adam Wiltzie, but lost in Hyde Park. There where we believe that Stars of the Lid alone could make us cry before repetitive music over ten minutes here we are before a new lachrymal case. Nothing to do but dry our tears. The easiness seems disconcerting, yet we feel equally an extreme concentration to not fall anymore in the evidence of certain melodies that could detract from the logical progression of "Parsimonia". The disc ends on "Oskorei", a kind of Labradford style hymn, where some dry guitar note come to augment the drone lamentations, usually alone, but here fantastically well accompanied. Finishing in beauty is always a good thing. An impressive disc, surely partly nostalgic, but also very contemporary. Thank you.

[Thanks to Graham for the translation from the original French.]


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