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Raven Sings The Blues

Review of original Important Records CD version of 'Honey Rose'

Just after their collaboration with The North Sea, Rameses III follow up with a marvelously serene EP inspired by and written for Jon Spira's upcoming film Suityman. Mixing washes of acoustic guitar with puddles of drone that don't so much drown the album as they just lap at the edges. The EP is largely warm and filled with wonder, touching on the film's themes of memory loss; like seeing everything for the first time and finding the beauty in the minutia. For the duration of the EP it seems as if everything slows down for just a few seconds longer to allow you to breathe easier and look just a moment longer. Honey Rose is out now on Important Records.

Wednesday 28 March 2007


"Jozepha (Deluxe)" cover

Album released Friday 11 November 2016 on digital by the Blink In The Endless label.

mp3 - "Love Goes On"

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