'Jozepha (Deluxe)'
Rameses III

Album released Friday 11 November 2016 on Blink in the Endless as digital

"Jozepha (Deluxe)" cover

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"quite possibly the sweetest, dreamiest, driftiest, swooniest record we've heard in ages"
Aquarius Records
"focuses on squeezing as much beauty out of a given setting as possible"
"a piece that really, really deserves to be heard"
The Silent Ballet


A collection of the long-deleted and rare folk / ambient / drone 'Jozepha' EP (2004) together with the 'Honey Rose' (2007), 'For José María' (2010) and the previously-unreleased 'Sartoris' (2010) EPs.

After the first few releases, 'Jozepha' proved to be the beginning of the classic Rameses III sound. Raw and beautiful all at once, folk songs merge with molten electric guitar, protean drones and stretched keys.

'Honey Rose' was originally written for the short film 'Suityman' and has since been since used in the National Film Board of Canada's 'The Last Hunt'. English banjos, guitars and Mellotron flutes drift in lazy fields of corn before settling into long sweltering drones.

'Sartoris' was intended as an immediate follow-up to 'I Could Not Love You More' (2009) but was never released at the time as the label deal fell through. The EP picks up inspiration from William Faulkner and heads down long dusty August roads in the twilight, plucking and bowing and hammering strings all the way.

The album ends with 'For José María', a requiem for a good man and the people he left behind. Piano riffs and guitar signals get lost in surges of rain, bell tones sing through the murk before string cycles and organ drones announce an uneasy peace.


01 For Elsie (Cherry Blossom Falls)
02 The Silent Union Goes To War
03 The Tidal Draw
04 Love Goes On
05 For Jozepha
06 Honey Rose (Theme One)
07 Honey Rose (Theme Two)
08 Honey Rose (Theme Three)
09 Honey Rose (Theme Four)
10 Honey Rose (Theme Five)
11 Honey Rose (Theme Six)
12 Nobody Knows
13 Beyond the Dusk
14 Light in August
15 Sartoris
16 For José María

Tracks 12-15 are previously unreleased


Rameses III are Spencer Grady, Stephen Lewis and Daniel Thomas Freeman.

Written, performed and produced by Rameses III

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Daniel Thomas Freeman

Artwork by Rameses III based on the cover of the 'Jozepha' Barl Fire Recordings edition (2005)

Catalogue Number BE002RAM

other reviews

"wide open landscapes of long winding roads, huge blue skies and fields of shimmering wet green grass"
Aquarius Records
"combines the subtleties of Americana with languorous drones and ambient sounds"
"one of the most vivid and inspired interpretations of an electro-acoustic universe"
music won't save you
"I need more of this in my life ... absolutely heartbreaking."
Eclipse Records
"this beautiful and heartfelt track is well worth your time"
Fluid Radio
"genuinely beautiful, haunting music"
Norman Records
"a warm, wonderful band who is only going to get better through time"
Foxy Digitalis
"not difficult to imagine an awful lot of deep, thoughtful moments being soundtracked by this release"
Norman Records
"a small but perfectly formed portrait of one of the UK's most interesting acts at the moment"
"this ... composition is about reverence and meditation on the inevitable fatality of the human life"
"more melodic and structured than most ambient, but still perfect for a nap in the grass"
Girl Pants
"absolutely magical"
Heathen Harvest
"expansive melodic haze glows"
Musique Machine
"recommended ... somewhere between the ... Red House Painters and ... the likes of John Fahey or Jack Rose"
Norman Records
"this music calms the soul, and beautifully meditates the mind"
Piccadilly Records
"sounds like a peaceful standing stone statue, and is a miniature masterpiece"
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"like seeing everything for the first time and finding the beauty in the minutia"
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"something fragile, restrained and ultimately quite special"
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"almost like the missing link between Windy and Carl and the Cocteaus at times"
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"impresses as a wonderfully executed and realized work"
"the sounds melt into a seemingly uniform cloud of sound—one refreshingly forgoes ego, flashy musicianship, or electronic gimmicks"

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