"Jozepha (Deluxe)" cover

Album released 2016 on Blink in the Endless


Psychedlic and Acid Folk

Review of original CDr version of 'Jozepha'

This kind of musical ode or gift, sounds like a peaceful standing stone statue, and is a miniature masterpiece, with a sort of inner loop of calmness. It’s played by a variety of instruments and led by acoustic guitar mostly, with slide guitar on one track, and backed by organ, harp-like strings, or second guitar. This is like a meandering contemplation of a deeper feeling of love and its inner eternal pulse. At some point of the third track, 'The Silent Union Goes To War' the backing instruments are like an ambient background surrounding and spatial confirmation of this inner contemplation, while all the improvisational arrangements become entangled, like a plant under water. 'Love Goes On' is the only song, which is similar in mood, and has a great outro of pulsating and communication guitars and soft percussive sounds. A beautiful album which should be re-released properly.


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