"Jozepha (Deluxe)" cover

Album released 2016 on Blink in the Endless


Norman Records

Review of original Under the Spire CD version of 'For José María'


Who could fail to be touched by the gorgeous ambience on show here given the backstory? Conceived as a tribute to Jose Maria Bellido (an apparently ambitious, talented pianist and athlete stricken with a debilitating case of diabetes) and featuring his daughter performing in tribute, it seems the sort of release that really deserves more time and thought than I'll probably be able to give it. All I can really say is that this 20-odd minute track is beautifully put together, combining breathy drones in a Celer sort of style with field recordings, processed vocals and piano playing that somehow manages to be strong in sound, yet fragile in content totally gets you 'right there'. It's really not difficult to imagine an awful lot of deep, thoughtful moments being soundtracked by this release once it trickles out into people's homes.

Thursday 27 May 2010

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