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Review of original Under the Spire CD version of 'For José María'

Following the stunning I Could Not Love You More (Type, 2009), the latest release from Rameses III, For Jose Maria, is a sincere tribute to a remarkable man ...

Jose Maria Bellido was a talented pianist and athlete who faced the onset of crippling diabetes with characteristic stoicism and humour. Jose's daughter Christina Bellido makes an appearance speaking in her native Catalan, the romantic and eloquent language lends itself well to the sombre mood invoked on this single long track.

Beginning with a minimalist piano part, the almost seventeen and a half minute CD slowly opens up with long drones and field recordings. The length and depth of the track invites the audience to get lost in the swells of the music. Waves of strings, echos, words and piano all ebb and flow, the effect is moving and the south London three piece will leave you wanting more.

As the track advances, various instruments and field recording samples are blended with restraint and as the minutes pass, the listener is lulled into a state of euphoria. Echos of children playing give way to a short silence then Christina's unaccompanied voice finishes the piece. You need not speak Catalan to recognise the passion behind the words.

Rameses III have produced a warm and organic piece of music that drifts along effortlessly, giving the impression of genuine sincerity. For Jose Maria is a fitting tribute to a father and husband whose remarkable personality touched all those who knew him.

Released on June 1st in a run of 300 copies on glass mastered CD with a full colour gatefold card wallet on Under The Spire, this beautiful and heartfelt track is well worth your time.

Adam Williams
Wednesday 26 May 2010

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