"Jozepha (Deluxe)" cover

Album released 2016 on Blink in the Endless



Review of original Important Records CD version of 'Honey Rose'

London-based trio Rameses III made waves last year with the absolutely stunning collaborative effort (with Tulsa's The North Sea) 'Night of the Ankou', and now they're back with their debut for the ever-reliable Important Records. Composed as the soundtrack to the film 'Suityman' this is possibly the band's most focused work to date blending a curiously light-hearted song structure with their more familiar droning ambience and gorgeous textures. Over a mere 23 minutes the band show that they have just as much in common with classic-period 4AD and the pastoral American folk of Bruce Langhorne ('The Hired Hand') as with the burgeoning avant-garde drone scene and this willingness to embrace outside influence is eventually the band's most successful move. Those who have heard the band's phenomenal EPs 'Jozepha' and 'Parsimonia' will already know that they have been leaning in this direction for some time now, but here is where there intentions are laid out bare. Incorporating subtle synthesized elements, acoustic fretwork and even the odd vocal this is a deep and varied work, and what it lacks in length it makes up for in heart. When the scarce running time is up you are left longing for more, but the warm fuzzy feeling is guaranteed to stay with you for long after. A small but perfectly formed portrait of one of the UK's most interesting acts at the moment, 'Honey Rose' is as gorgeous as the hazy cover imagery would have you believe. A huge recommendation!

Thursday 8 March 2007

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