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Aquarius Records

Review of original Important Records CD version of 'Honey Rose'

Such pastoral bliss is on display within the cozy confines of this ep by the UK's Rameses III. One of the prettier discs we've heard all year, these mostly instrumental tracks (there is some hushed vocals on a couple songs) glisten with glimmering guitar ambiance that had us thinking of a slightly twangier Robin Guthrie or Durruti Column or even the wonderful instrumental guitar albums of Tom Verlaine. Timeless and mellow like a late summer sunrise. Makes so much sense that this was music recorded for a film, as it's so easy to close your eyes and visualize wide open landscapes of long winding roads, huge blue skies and fields of shimmering wet green grass. So so nice...

Thursday 26 July 2007


"Jozepha (Deluxe)" cover

Album released Friday 11 November 2016 on digital by the Blink In The Endless label.

mp3 - "Love Goes On"

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