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Album released 2016 on Blink in the Endless


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Review of original Important Records CD version of 'Basilica'

Please note 'Basilica Origins (Deluxe) does not include the remixes referenced here

Here english Ambient / slowed post-rock guitar and synth duo return with their second releases on Important after the simply stunning rural tinged 'Honey Rose' ep from last year. This double disk set brings together a disk of live recordings of new material and an remix / re-contextualized versions of the live tracks by the likes of Robert Horton, Keith Berry, Gregg Kowalsky, Astral Social Club.

I'll have to admit the original and live tracks initially under whelmed me a lot after the distinctive, atmospheric and tuneful Honey Rose. I expected more of the same but this is a much more slow, dreamy and less structured, the tracks drift with sun warming guitar drones, expansive shimmering melodic strums that hint of country, blues and slowed post- rock-isms, With the odd brush of synth textures and slight touches of environmental sound. When I excepted the pace and slow unfolding-ness of it all it certainly made more sense. Though I do enjoy it I still feel a little under whelmed- it's pleasantly enough but still somehow wanting.

The second disk of the remixes are far more rewarding and appealing, thankful the are no major changers or sudden use of beats (thank God) but the tracks just seem to blossom and develop more. As each remixer finds and investigate new textures and sound movements. The tracks managing to keep their own original feel and personality, never really taking on much of their remixers ones. It's just like the sonic ideas and textures have been watered and let to grow into fuller formed perfume heavy and beautiful sonic flowers.

So in summing up passable collection of live ambient tracks and their more rewarding, detailed, rich and remixed cousins - certainly worth a look if you enjoy guitar ambience and mellow soundtracking.

Roger Batty
Friday 1 February 2008

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