'Basilica Origins (Deluxe)'
Rameses III

Album released Friday 11 November 2016 on Blink in the Endless as digital

"Basilica Origins (Deluxe)" cover

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"record of the week ... this is lush stuff indeed"
Norman Records
"amorphous, freestyle drones ... elegaic waterfalls of sound"
The Wire Magazine


A digital release of the live tracks from the folk / ambient / drone album 'Basilica' (2008) extended by 'Like The Stars (Micro-Ending)' from the 2010 split single with Comus, the studio track 'S. P. 102' and a 2009 live recording from the Union Chapel, London.

From the 'Jozepha' period onwards Rameses III gigs were semi-improvised and live sets were usually specially prepared for each individual gig . Performances often bore scant resemblance to their studio versions. As such 'Basilica Origins (Deluxe)' can be considered an album in its own right since none of tracks here can be found on any other Rameses III album or EP.

The live recordings were all recorded straight to stereo with no overdubs although there has been a little editing to condense the length of some tracks.


01 Origins I (Live at the Red Rose Club, 2006)
02 Origins II (Live at Bardens, 2005)
03 Origins III (Live at DeSonis, 2006)
04 Origins IV (Live at Corsica Studios, 2007)
05 Origins V (Live at the Red Rose Club, 2006)
06 Like The Stars (Micro-Ending)
07 S. P. 102
08 Origins VI (Live at the Union Chapel, 2009)

Tracks 7-8 are previously unreleased


Rameses III are Spencer Grady, Stephen Lewis and Daniel Thomas Freeman.

Written, performed and produced by Rameses III

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Daniel Thomas Freeman

Artwork by Stephen Lewis from photos by Daniel Thomas Freeman

Catalogue Number BE004RAM

other reviews

"a wonderful collection of remixes and live recordings"
"a sanguine and frequently astonishing affair"
"complexly riveting ... sounds like Apollo-era Eno"
"this is music made by masters of ambient"
Heathen Harvest
"the tracks drift with sun warming guitar drones"
Musique Machine
"utterly beautiful, quiet, and pensive"
Press Play, Record
"has to be felt to be understood, and heard to be felt ... very highly recommended"
Barnes and Noble
"one of the most vivid and inspired interpretations of an electro-acoustic universe"
music won't save you
"releasing glimmering notes like blowing the white fluff off dandelions"
Aquarius Records
"blissful ice storm fragments tinkle"
"material of a high level"
Dark Entries
"aura of stillness ... wildness raging underneath"
erasing clouds
"would fit perfectly to video art"
"this isn't music, it's a movie"
John Brien, Important Records
"the manner of a new form of classical music"
Joseph Ghosn
Le Son Du Grisli

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