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Album released 2016 on Blink in the Endless


Joseph Ghosn

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Review of original Important Records CD version of 'Basilica'

Please note 'Basilica Origins (Deluxe) does not include the remixes referenced here

Group English, Rameses III product a very depressed music, at the edges of the sleep. Drones, therefore, but which have pretty characteristics: those d'être played by delicate musicians, who have to l'air to d'avoir listened to the discs of Durutti Column and Labradford rather than those of Throbbing Gristle and Wolf Eyes. Blow, their buzzes resound with an immediate heat, oscillate between the ears with blows of notes of guitar, floating and scattered, formant, end to end, d'étranges melody zones. This new album (the precedent, a collaboration with l'américain The North Sea, entitled Night of the Ankou, was already of high narcoleptic flight) is double: recorded Cd live and another compound of pieces mixed by close relations of the group. L'ensemble evokes American Stars of the Lid or a few moments of Brian Eno, and there is like a feeling of alleviating undulation. One could be in the mièvre, but one is on the contrary in a music which n'a nothing of solidified, anything d'arrêté. On the contrary, all here is question of course, advance: it does not matter the destination, the echoes of this album will vibrate a long time, with the manner of a new form of classical music, ideal to dream by twisting the directions. Good night.

Tuesday 1 April 2008

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