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Now let us turn to Bandcamp and a new score for a film we hadn't heard of until the writer / director / composer got in touch to tell us all about it, anyhow. The Silence After Life (3/5 reviewer score) appears to me a micro micro budget film with a new score written and performed by director Daniel Thomas Freeman. It's a charming thing, with cleverly plucked guitar merging with electronic strings and noise in a beguiling fashion. It's the sort of thing that sounds dead easy to do but really isn't - not in an engaging fashion anyway. It reminds one of things like The Hired Hand as there are whiffs of the indie American West here, but only whiffs. It's probably the sad old East End of London, but sounds better than that. There are other moments of strange noise and anguish, but I preferred the plucked guitar bits. And as mentioned earlier, you'll have to travel all the way to Bandcamp to find this one.

[ a note from the artist - the "plucked guitar" is actually harp ]

Johnny Trunk

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