Was Ist Das

This is one of those albums that leaves you staring at your speakers in disbelief at the sounds coming out of them. "The Beauty Of Doubting Yourself" sounds like nothing short of a drone symphony.

As gentle as it is impressive, all the sounds and instruments combine to create one coherent whole, an intense and spellbinding rush of sound.

I should say that I used the term symphony to describe the complexity and integrity of the music. It was not an attempt to describe the instruments because I do not recognise any of them. Freeman seems to be painting with a brand new pallette. I think there are some strings perhaps but quite treated.

The cover artwork shows the majestic Scafell Pike topped with dense, foggy clouds and it serves as the perfect metaphor for this album.

Like the mountain as Freeman photographed it that day, "The Beauty Of Doubting Yourself" scales great heights, is solidly imposing, otherworldly and shrouded in mystery.

This is an exceptionally fine piece of work.


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