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the beauty of depression

What con said that music should be something to celebrate, not to think about, something dancing, which allows gay liberation in his head, forget his worries? If ever I believe this fool, I slap him and he explodes the bather's face so puzzle. And I glue alone in a room with the volume at bottom, The Beauty Of Doubting Yourself to Daniel Thomas Freeman. Am going to make him change his perception of music in this stupid me. That'll teach him.

So: Freeman is one of the guys from Rameses III, group free-folk/drone/ambient relatively uninteresting to his credit with a good half dozen albums boring like reading a treatise on comparative philosophy and Heidegger wrote garcimore Aramaic by Stevee Boulay in acids. Limit purge.

The Beauty Of Doubting Yourself is a triptych.

The album begins with two drones of death that kills. Half an hour into the asshole of a subterranean world much unhealthy, scary where does reign as humidity, fear, where no light is left, nothing. Compared the descent, film of the fear of amateur cavers lot of excitement, it's Winnie the Pooh in the land of Care Bears. Total immersion in the sick mind, black, desperate Freeman. It is oppressive to the possible crossing of some melodic holes (after a fifteen-minute drone anyway), spirituality (you can hear some voices / songs in the distance, indicating a presence of a life, and still ....), but the prevailing feeling is that they will not come out of here alive, and then in crumbs. The kind of songs that does not encourage or continue the adventure with a rope and then a beam strong enough to withstand the weight of despair.

The second part, consisting of three pieces, shorter, has a Freeman emerging gradually from its lethargy. The songs are still dark, worried, but more desperate. It receives a tenacious melancholy (the title track in particular), light holes escaping from under a thick veneer of oppressive drone (the Might of the beautiful angels) or a dull anxiety. The cold gives way to an unexpected warming. Well it's not full sun, or the feast in the village, but there is life, a glimmer of hope in this music.

Warming confirmed by the beauty of the drones of elegy and rapture and especially staring into Light.

Elegy rapture and confirms the return to light, distant cousin of the little red robin hood hit the road to Wyatt: melancholy to comissure lips, eyes still red, his face ravaged. But this crap of melancholy finds himself swept a backhand through the acceptance of mourning starting to fade. The beauty of Doubting yourself is finally concluded by staring into Light peaceful, long piece of a dozen minutes, simple, radiant, almost solar, a hymn to life, back in favor and end of a depressive process.

Besides the intrinsic beauty of this album, so I was literally rooted to the spot, taped, it is humanity that emerges. Music as a testimony of psychotherapy, a positive development, true is rare enough to be noticed. When more that humanity is expressed through an electronic music made drones, I think for once that it is almost a feat to achieve to make it as human. The composition of this album was for the author a painful process that lasted six years. The beauty of Doubting yourself is brilliant but rather the testimony brings many questions. The first is which direction will the music of Rameses III after the release of this album? the second, more cows, when will we re-depression?

Both say, I'm not the only one in the blogosphere to have found this wonderful album. I agree completely the view of Little Reviews, here, but unlike him, I hung up within seconds. The first thirty minutes I was literally blown. Anyway, to make it reach me much, maybe I'm a depressive without knowing it.

Monday 11 July 2011

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