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A serenity that is deserved.

Slowly, the flickering drones join mourners. Patience!

As usual, I listened to this album without actually reading comments first. Probably something like "drones surprising recommended" on 17 Dots, the magazine presents the new album from Emusic.

Set the stage for the first time, it literally made me neurotic (or reinforced my status now?). The first two songs (Dark House Walk and Staring in Black Water), which are not far from half an hour are dark to discourage the worst optimistic. A black drone holds 90 percent of the sound. And in the first listening, I stopped.

I tried again and again, there I passed the half-hour with music that starts to flicker and where the drone becomes a media renaissance. I would not say it ends with the perky pop, but the atmosphere was full of bliss and beauty.

All-in-fact the kind of album that, after giving a 9 / 10, I tempers by saying that it should be translated as must listen, then you will like to say, it's up to you ...

Well, afterwards, I tried. This Thomas Daniel Freeman is a founding member of Rameses III. As such, he attended the course Current 93, Fursaxa, James Blackshaw, Stars of The Lid and Yellow Swans. If I had seen before, so I knew I was not there for fun. But again, it appears that this album was recorded in six years and is built in three movements: Depression, revelation and out of the depression, the state of grace and hope for its continuation.

I had felt so blind. Hence final advice: leave running all the album to get a taste ...

His site, Norman Records is ecstatic.

The beginning of redemption.

Saturday 9 July 2011

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