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Boa Melody

Review of original CDr version of 'Parsimònia'

How do they do it? Rameses III are quite prolific, they inhabit a quite specific droney realm and yet each successive record offers something fresh: each time I think maybe I've got enough of their music, I hear something new I must listen to over and over again. Parsimonia has 5 pieces of uplifing beauty. Tibetan bowls, guitar, field recordings meld opaque mist with fire. It's a sort of musical equivalent of a Rene Lalique glass bowl and dear ole' R.L. made fabulous glass bowls!



"Parsimònia (Deluxe)" cover

Album released Friday 11 November 2016 on digital by the Blink In The Endless label.

mp3 - "When The Bombs Drop, Hold Me Close"

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