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This CD is a thing of great beauty. From the immaculately designed packaging to the wonderful sounds on offer inside, it's clear that Type has, once again, delivered the goods in a big way. The three tracks on board this delightful album sit so happily and so easily together that it's hard to think of them as anything than one dream-like work... ethereal guitars, hypnotic sounds and textures, yet an overriding coherence that speaks of places only half glimpsed and experiences yet to come... that sounds pretentious doesn't it? Well, the CD lends itself to a sparkling level of verbosity as it has quite simply inspired me whilst listening to it. An essential work and another gem in the ever growing collection of Type must-haves. Wonderful.



"Night Of The Ankou" cover

Album released Tuesday 18 October 2005 on CDR by the 267 lattajjaa label.

mp3 - "Death Of The Ankou"

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