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On 'Night of the Ankou', London drone outfit Rameses III has its work colored and enhanced by the stylings of the North Sea (a/k/a Brad Rose, he of the Digitalis CD-R imprint) and the results are stunning, even for late night psych/minimal outings at this advanced stage in the game. Viola, bouzouki, bowed metal, prayer bells and other gently cacophonous instrumentation are added by Rose into three deep, chilling pieces of sublime, Stars of the Lid-esque drone, making this an excellent and blissful album for meditation, ingestion, twilight, background, rest, and awakening. Simply gorgeous.

Thursday 13 July 2006


"Night Of The Ankou" cover

Album released Tuesday 18 October 2005 on CDR by the 267 lattajjaa label.

mp3 - "Death Of The Ankou"

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