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Angry Ape

Tracks are lengthy and a little samey on Night Of The Ankou, with drones stretching on into the infinite distance, parallels that never meet, skeletal from beginning to end. The effect of this is a mystical journey into a world of ghosts, a brief forty minutes on the other side of the wardrobe.

Drones and elongated guitars permeate the silence of Return Of The Ankou, a silence created by erroneous inhuman tambourine shakes and the indefinable click-clack of primitive wooden instruments. Night Blossoms Written In Sanskrit is a little more filled out, with subtle acoustics reverberating almost silently alongside electronic murmurs, which rise and fall like a sleeping body, layered over one another into a thick cushion of sound.

The emerging result is an eerie resonance of desertion, of something that once was but has not been here for a long time. Melody and rhythm is spirited away into a thicket of sparse drones and monotonous guitars, leaving behind the cinematic echo of loneliness.

Jennifer Allan
Friday 30 June 2006


"Night Of The Ankou" cover

Album released Tuesday 18 October 2005 on CDR by the 267 lattajjaa label.

mp3 - "Death Of The Ankou"

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