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Album released 2016 on Blink in the Endless


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Review of original Important Records CD version of 'Honey Rose'


With Honey Rose Rameses III make a very rural/country fed take on ambient and warming slightly haunted soundworlds. Utilizing guitars, envromental & found sounds and the odd traces of flute and subtle synth like tones.

This is the south Londons Trios first release on important, but they've amounted 16 other releases on various other labels since 2003. Honey Rose is a rather small sweet treat sadly only running just over 20 minutes, leaving one wanting more as it fades out and making it very desirable to replays. It finds them aptly mixing together picked and strum cornfield hazed summer guitar, warm dwelling tones, melodic flourishers and sound hazes. Placing environmental textures here and there, to really bring depth and feeling of place to the tracks. It brings to mind a less threatening original Wickerman soundtracks rural vibe, or the expansive melodic haze glows of Popol Vuh, with touches of wistful indie come country rock along the way.

A very enjoyable and melodic focused ambient ep, that's made me want to investigate further the projects other works and also track down the short film this is the soundtrack to.

Roger Batty
Wednesday 21 March 2007

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