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Heathen Harvest

Review of original Important Records CD version of 'Honey Rose'

"Honey Rose" consists of six pretentiously named "themes" for the film "Suityman", lasting for a mere 24 minutes. With such a short playing time (especially for six ambient excursions!) Rameses III cannot afford to waste a single minute and consequently makes the most of every second of the albums abbreviated playing time.

For the few that may be wondering, the "dark" prefix was not lost in the editing process, as this music is far too upbeat to merit the qualification, but never mindlessly so, and is continuously permeated with a pensive atmosphere. The cover photo suggest a pastoral folk influence, and is never too far removed. I can't pinpoint the folk feel to any particular tradition – but it doesn't really matter. Vocals are largely absent, although some spoken word passages sections can be briefly heard on "Theme Two", but would have largely been an unnecessary hindrance. Overall, this is dreamy music that flows with the ease, of a mountain stream and before one knows it, this enchanting journey has ended. I have frequently attacked (dark) ambient artists for not knowing when to stop and the same principle is applicable to ambient acts, yet I cannot help but wish that this EP was just a little bit longer. Absolutely magical.

Friday 15 June 2007

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