"I Could Not Love You More" cover

Album released 2009 on Type (vinyl, CD, digital: 2009) / Blink in the Endless (Bandcamp only: 2016)


Norman Records


I wonder why Rameses III named themselves after him and not the Rameses before, since he was the greatest Pharoah and everything. Maybe it's because he'll have probably been been a bit reflective and melancholy at having to follow an act like that.. Perfect moods for ambient listening. And maybe I'm just trying to use up a few column inches by vomiting out a load of speculative shite. What I can say for sure is that I Could Not Love You More is a beautiful piece of work that compares very favourably with the best ambient stuff I can remember us getting in in the last year or so, taking things seriously pastoral with floaty drones breathing in and out while pianos, folky guitars and mellotrons either spell out or merely suggest melody over the top. Lovely and soothing, this Type LP isn't going to be around long - especially on the limited orange vinyl we've got in.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

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