'The Kind Darkness of Trees'
Valerie Adam Freeman

Novel released Sunday 31 January 2021 on Blink in the Endless as digital e-book and limited edition 301 page printed book

"The Kind Darkness of Trees" cover

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"totally stunning ... one of the best books I have read in years"
Jill Hoffman (and others)
"a satisfying and warming read"
Lynn Merrin
"5/5 ... brilliantly captures the minutiae of life with such insight"
Naomi Casserly (Goodreads)
"a well-crafted book which leaves you with a sense of compassion and hope that all is not lost even when it may appear to be"
Rita Tam
"candidly real yet full of hope and infused with a kindly light even in the darkest moments"
Storm Hann


Frank Monro is dying all over again.

Having believed her beloved, unreliable dad died decades previously, Fran Peterson now receives a letter revealing otherwise.

Meanwhile others in Fran’s life are sustaining injury. Alec plays snooker religiously to fend off his helplessness as he desperately tries to piece his wife back together. Her young colleague, Will, chases after a hope of love that seems insubstantial as air. Muriel, efficient and isolated, finds her well-ordered world beginning to unravel.

An interior, moving novel about a woman struggling to come to terms with the fault lines in her past, "The Kind Darkness of Trees" explores themes of loss, dissociation, faith and forgiveness with a gentle intensity.


Valerie Adam Freeman (née Stephen) grew up in East Kilbride, Scotland, before attending Dundee University from 1988-92. In 1993, Valerie's short story, “Measure of Confidence”, was published in “Paper Clips”, a collection of short stories by writers in Strathclyde. Then in 2015, inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, she rediscovered her love for writing fiction and over the next two years delivered her debut novel, "The Kind Darkness of Trees".

Valerie lives and works in South London with her husband, Daniel. She is passionate about looking after the environment and has a deep, inclusive Christian faith, reflected in her love of retreats and interest in contemplative spirituality. She enjoys eating with loved ones, sharing creativity as a way of knowing one another in community and walking amongst giant pine trees.


April ....... Larch
May ....... Oak
June ....... Birch
July ....... Cherry
August ....... Chestnut
September ....... Beech
October ....... Pine


Written by Valerie Adam Freeman

Cover design concept by Valerie Adam Freeman

Typesetting, cover design and photo by Daniel Thomas Freeman

ISBN 978-1-8380851-0-0 (printed book)

ISBN 978-1-8380851-1-7 (e-book)

Catalogue Number BE009VAF

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